How to contact us

We're a small team here at Makelight and we fit our responsibilities to the community in around family life.

To make it all work, we have a few preferred ways that you can get in touch with us and if you use these ways to contact us then it means we're able to reply to you as quickly as we can, and also that we can spend more of our time doing the stuff that is valuable for you rather than being stuck in our email inboxes all the time!

The best ways to get in touch

Before you get in touch for support questions, please scroll down for an FAQ.

Live chat

We have live chat support during office hours (we're on UK time) and if we're not around you can still leave a message.


Our email is [email protected] – we both get these and then once we reply all replies only go to that person. We're using Front and Gmail, and we recommend this combination!

Comments / messages on Facebook /Twitter / Instagram etc.

We'd advise against relying on these as a guaranteed way of reaching us. If you were to not get a reply, would that be okay? If so, comments on Facebook are not a problem, but we get lots of notifications and it's likely that we will miss things.

That being said, if you want to say hi, that's ace: we're on Instagram and Twitter.

Physical address

If you're sending something to us or coming to visit us, please email and we'll send you our physical address. We work from a home office, so we only publish our registered address for privacy reasons.

Registered address

If you're writing to us, we can receive post here, but it's a virtual address, so please don't send anything other than a letter:

Makelight Limited, company number (GB) 07307537 – 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE, England

Are you having trouble with something?

I can't log in

If you can't log in at all, that's usually some kind of temporary problem with Facebook so it's best to wait until it resolves itself. Sorry!

I'm logged in but not seeing my courses

This is a pretty common problem, and we're working on making it easier to get in. When you originally joined us you would have pressed "sign in" using Facebook or Instagram. What's usually the problem is that you're trying to sign in with a different Facebook or Instagram account and there's no way for us to connect the dots to know it's you. Sign out, make sure on you've switched to the right user, then try signing in to Makelight again.

I'm logged in and I'm seeing some stuff, but not others

This usually means that you've got two accounts and some of your courses are on one and some are on the other. You can check that by signing out and in with the other account. If you have a Facebook and an Instagram account, you should sign in with Facebook, then tap your avatar at the top right to go to your profile page. There you can "connect" your Instagram account. That merges them together, and means you'll be able to sign in with both from then onwards, plus it merges your access together. However, if you have two Instagram accounts, or two Facebook accounts (this is generally a bad idea, but fair enough) then you should leave a message at the bottom right here in our chat box. Please say which usernames or email addresses you're using and we can try to move your course/membership access onto your preferred one.

You've seen an "Oh gosh! Something went wrong" message

We get notified about all of these errors, so best to let us know if it's about something involving payments or anything personal and we'll do our best to fix it. Usually these get resolved because we work through all these bugs whenever they pop up. Thanks for your patience – websites can be a bit tricky from time to time.

You've had something unexpected happen with a subscription payment

Please don't worry. If you've been unexpectedly charged, or the amount isn't right, that's our fault for not making it obvious enough and we'll do our best to rectify it. We're working on making it clearer when and how much you're charged, and you can see all this in the Subscriptions area (under your avatar, top right). Please leave a message in the support box (bottom right) and we'll do our best to get it addressed.

You'd like a copy of an invoice

All invoices are accessible via the Subscription area, accessible via the avatar menu at the top right.


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